President’s Corner
Greg Pierce 2018-2019

Fellow San Bruno Rotarians,

As I prepare for my term as your president I am feeling slightly overwhelmed with the responsibility of the position. I say slightly because I am confident that with your support our year together will be fun, energizing and memorable!

One of the keys to successful management is delegation. In my time as a Rotarian I have watched as several San Bruno Rotarians have led projects and events that reflect well on our position in the community. It is my hope that we can continue with all of our current projects as well as several new ones – including the task of what to do with the Rotary Pavilion in San Bruno Park – in collaboration with City, San Bruno Council and the Park & Recreation Department.

Now the FUN STUFF. My thoughts are to create several collaborative efforts with other organizations in our community. For example, team up with the San Bruno Library and San Bruno Park School District to improve or create reading and tutoring programs. Capuchino High School might appreciate advice for students from successful business and community leaders. I would also like to work with San Bruno Sports organizations to collect old uniforms and slightly used equipment that could then be sent to Mexico or Central America children.

If we still have time and/or energy we can easily cooperate with the San Bruno Chamber, other Rotary Clubs, San Bruno Lions and several corporations that have expressed an interest in our community, to change and improve areas that need a makeover or upgrade – thing BIG!

Last but not least I would like to ask you several questions, let me know your thoughts:

What keeps you coming to our weekly meetings and what would get you there more frequently? Please be honest!
Your advice for a new club president – Anything you feel we should change or improve
What are you passionate about and can we support it as Rotarians
How can we improve our Rotary footprint in San Bruno
Ideas for membership growth
Are you interested in more social events – family events? Please share your thoughts
Your ideas for club projects or collaborative efforts with other service organizations
Extra credit/bonus question (50 points) – What project or collaborative effort would you like to chair?

I hope that I haven’t bit off more than we can chew but I really would like to involve our club more in the community – a little more of rolling up our sleeves and doing things. I know everyone is busy – BUT – I also know we are all capable of more. We are Rotarians, one of the largest service organizations in the world and getting things done is what we do!

Thank you for your faith and trust by allowing me to be your president this year.

President Greg Pierce